Needle felted soft sculpture animals, handmade with ethically produced wool, by felting artist Mrs Plop

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For orders, commissions, or just to say hello, get in touch here!

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In order to do their very best work, Mrs Plop and the industrious mouselings must remain undiscovered and undisturbed at all times. Which means we are not at liberty to divulge her secret attic workshop address.

But if you’re ever travelling through rural Somersetshire, and you hear a distant high-pitched, soft harmony singing floating through the air, you’re probably very close by…

Luckily, even at her advanced age, Mrs Plop is highly proficient at email…


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If you need a tiny creature to provide comfort and companionship, you can make your request to Mrs Plop here.

Or if you have a question, comment or just want to say hello, that’s fine too. Please allow 24 hours for a reply, because she really is very busy, and quite old to be using a computer…

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