Needle felted soft sculpture animals, handmade with ethically produced wool, by felting artist Mrs Plop

Madame Butterfly Chief Wing Mender At Mrs Plop’s Butterfly Hospital

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Meet Madame Butterfly. She is a needle felted white rat with an extremely important job! She mends butterfly wings. Not only that, she is the best in the world at mending them! That’s why she is chief mender at Mrs Plop’s butterfly hospital.

Every time a butterfly has an accident and damages or breaks off one or both of its wings, Madame Butterfly lovingly and expertly sews them back together again, so they are good as new. As you can see, she is adored by all butterflies. There is never a time when she is not covered in butterflies 🙂

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Madame Butterfly 3

Madame Butterfly 4

Madame Butterfly 5


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