Needle felted soft sculpture animals, handmade with ethically produced wool, by felting artist Mrs Plop

Who is Mrs Plop?

il_570xN.633854843_m43bMrs Plop is a needle felting artist who lives and works in the attic of our house in a small village which sits on the crest of a hill in Somerset, England. She spends her days creating tiny needle felted animals with the help of the mice who live with her. She calls them the ‘Mouselings’. She also has the help of our three dogs, Betsy, Fred and Simba, her security team.

Mrs Plop met her first ‘Mouseling’ in 1805 when as a young girl, she was working as a scullery maid for the Snortin-Forfarth-Blatchingham family in Buckinghamshire. One day, while she was carrying out her usual daily chores, a little grey mouse appeared before her, as if from nowhere. He was carrying a little sign which read ‘Will Work For Cheese’ The little mouse was crying and he told Mrs Plop that he was Homeless. the young Mrs Plop – who felt her heart would break into tiny pieces whenever she saw a sad or hurt animal – wiped away his tears, and told him he could live with her, and he would never be homeless again. She fed him cheese every day and made a bed for him out of one of her slippers. In return, he worked his little heart out and he is still with her to this very day (he’s very old too, you see)

As the years passed, more mice just followed her and became part of her life. They are fiercely loyal towards her, and they have vowed never to leave her side.
There are currently 2,500 mice at Mouselings HQ, as well as all kinds of other animals – otters, rabbits, foxes, hares, penguins and puppies and so on. Mrs Plop’s needle felted mice and other animals are based on her actual real animals. The Mouselings help Mrs Plop with her creations, from choosing the colours of the ethically produced wool that her animals are made from, to taking orders, packaging and posting. They sing to Mrs Plop while they work, and if you are ever in Somerset, and you listen very carefully, you might be one of the special ones who can hear them singing.